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The WOTR Radio Network began a single station old time radio station back in 1999 known as WOTR Indianapolis on WOTR Indianapolis played all the different genres in old time radio. From comedy to sci-fi, from adventures to westerns and everything in between. Years later I graduated from Live365 and migrated to SHOUTcast and the name changed from WOTR Indianapolis to Old Time Radio USA in 2006 playing the same great old time radio shows! In later years, I added another station playing all the 900+ known available episodes available from the Suspense radio series called Suspense Radio USA! After that station grew popular, a decision was made to add a 3rd station was born... in comes Crime Time Radio USA. Est. in September of 2019, Crime Time Radio USA was a station dedicated to the old time radio genre of crime, murder, espionage, gangs, etc! To manage all 3 stations successfully, the WOTR Radio Network was born in late 2019. To this day, the WOTR Radio Network encompasses Old Time Radio USA, Suspense Radio USA and Crime Time Radio USA. 

At the end of the day, the WOTR Radio Network is a hobby station. Unfortunately, for sustainability reasons, the WOTR Radio Network had to implement commercials into its streams. The purpose of the commercials is to assist in paying for the all the services that goes into making the stations and the services of the WOTR Radio Network available to you free of charge! So, unfortunately, the commercials are a necessary evil but that will allow you, the listener to be able to take time out for your needs before the next show starts! So, in the future, look for new feature and possible new stations from the WOTR Radio Network and as always, I do appreciate your listenership!

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