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WJSV: September 21st 1939

On September 21, 1939 radio station WJSV in Washington, D.C. made an audio recording of its entire 19-hour broadcast day. This undertaking was a collaboration between the station and the National Archives, and it was the first time that such a comprehensive recording of a radio broadcast had been made. The station then donated its original set of recording discs to the National Archives, giving it a rare and complete artifact from an era frequently called the Golden Age of Radio. Due to their historical significance, the United States Library of Congress has since added these sound recordings to its National Recording Registry. Old Time Radio USA is proud to bring back and celebrate this historical day in radio history by rebroadcasting this event in its entirety! Beginning Wednesday, September 21st at its original sign-on time of 5:58am ET, Old Time Radio USA will begin broadcasting and, as much as possible, keep true to the original broadcast time. You will not want to miss this Old Time Radio USA special event. You will hear "one-off" programming that is not in old time radio collectors circulation. Programming that was recorded on this day that was never recorded again. This broadcast is all 100% original content, 100% live as it happened. So, join Old Time Radio USA on September 21st starting at 5:58am ET for this special event. Brought to you by the WOTR Radio Network!

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