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Returning to Old Time Radio USA this Halloween is the annual "Halloween Spooktacular"! Old Time Radio USA wants to celebrate the Halloween season with 3 days of horror and fright! The way Halloween should be celebrated! There's nothing better, to make you feel terrible, than a good... stirring... fright! This stirring fright will kick-off October 29th at 6am ET with the complete 52-part serial of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde followed by an all-night marathon of "The Witch's Tales" starting at 6pm ET. That brings us to October 30 and Old Time Radio USA's annual back-to-back, all airing of The Mercury Theater on the Air's adaptation of "The War of the Worlds", the broadcast that panicked the nation! That, takes us to Halloween day, October 31st. Old Time Radio USA presents its all day marathon of "Lights Out". What's Halloween without "Lights Out"? Later Halloween night as you're passing out candy to all the scary trick-or-treaters, at 8pm ET is The Mercury Theater on the Air's adaptation of Bram Stoker's "Dracula"! Followed by "Frankenstein" from Suspense and topping it off with "The Werewolf" from "The Weird Circle. Then our Lights Out marathon continues the rest of the night to wrap up the annual Halloween Spooktacular! This all begins Saturday morning at 6am ET! Join us for a frightfully fun weekend!

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